Family Planning Month Celebration

In celebration of the Family Planning Month this August, the National Police Commission Regional Office No. 1 conducted a Family Planning Seminar on August 10 to 14, 2020. Police officers from the four provincial offices participated in said seminar.
Prior to the formal opening of the seminar is the provision of Pre-Training Questions to the participants last July 27, 2020 wherein a synopsis of the given questions was delivered by Dr. Joselito P. Vital, the Learning Service Provider during the opening of the seminar on August 10, 2020. Thereafter, the rationale and background of the seminar was clearly presented by Ms. Mary Jane C. Cacanindin, Police Inspector IV and Chief of the Inspection and Audit Section.
For the second day, there was a thorough discussion on Population Management and Family Planning by Dr. Vital. He introduced several population management concepts to the participants along with a briefer overview on reproductive health and philippine health indicators. Moreover, Dr. Vital have momentously presented some demonstrations on family planning program of the philippines wherein it was incorporated in the discussion the different methods and indications, mode of action and side effects, various myths and misconceptions on Family Planning, and the beneficial action plan that is needed to live out.
The third and fourth day of the seminar was the completion of the Post-Learning Assessment in the online learning hub of the region.
The seminar concluded on August 14, 2020. Dr. Vital presented the answers of the participants in the Post-Learning Assessment. One of the main highlights of the seminar is the sharing of impression or insights of two participants namely, PCMS Jomar Reolalas of San Vicente Municipal Police Station, and NUP Leah Andrea B. Catalan of Asingan Municipal Police Station. The two positively stressed the importance of the Family Planning Seminar both in their personal and professional lives. They also shared on how they can promote Family Planning in their respective stations.

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