The National Police Commission Regional Office 1 has crafted a sequential program for the Local Chief Executives (LCEs) being the lawful, deputized representatives of NAPOLCOM in the supervisory administration of the Philippine National Police (PNP) in their area of jurisdiction as contained in Sec. 51 of Republic Act (RA) 6975 as amended by RA 8551 more commonly known as the “PNP Law”.

The GO-MODERN has two-pronged objectives, to wit:
a) to orient and familiarize LCEs on the granted substantial rights and responsibilities in police administration from supervision to disciplinary; and
b) to identify and deal with plausible issues, queries and concerns relative to their role and functions being both LCE and legitimate Deputized Authority.

The program shall be conducted on an online modular method. The topics will be uploaded weekly for a period of one (1) month. All materials and activities will be accessed through the NAPOLCOM’s Online Learning Hub at The program’s launching will be on 24 August 2020 through video conferencing using the Zoom application.

The program’s timeline is as follows:
















It is indispensable to recognize that the online mode of learning tantamount to a classroom-type of learning that certain behaviors is expected when communicating with both instructors and co-participants. Here are the guidelines for online behavior and interaction:

Educational Technology. The LCEs or representatives and other participants shall create a Zoom account identifying the participants’ title, complete name and agency he/she is connected to be properly acknowledged.

The Zoom will be used during the course opening on 24 August 2020, and closing of the course on 14 September 2020 except as requested by the administrator (NAPOLCOM Regional Office 1) or the Learning Providers.

Security. A username and password will be provided to you by the administrator. Please be wary that your password is the only thing protecting you from messing about or may lead you to more serious harm. To be secure, please observe the following:

  • Don’t share your password with anyone;
  • Change your password if you think someone else might know it but you have to notify the administrator of any changes on usernames and passwords you made; and
  • Always log out when you are done using the system.

General Guidelines. When communicating online, it is necessary to always consider that:

  • Every Learning Provider’s material should be treated with respect since they are the subject matter experts. In cases where you will have some personal views regarding the modules or topics, just reserve them by yourself;
  • Avoid comparing the program to other online programs;
  • It is incumbent upon every participant to treat the instructors and co-participants with professionalism and with respect in any form of communication;
  • Always address the Learning Providers and co-participants with proper title, either Honorable, Governor, Mayor, Dr., Atty., Col., Professor, or if with hesitation, address them with Mr. or Ms.;
  • Use clear and concise language and shun away from slang terms or abbreviations; and
  • When accomplishing the program activities, particularly for the identification of issues/gaps and recommendations relative to the topics, all participants shall refrain from speaking or writing slur languages which might cause outrage among participants;
  • All course requirements should be in standard format: a) font to be Arial; b) size of 10 point; c) avoid using caps lock feature as can have a negative interpretation; d) be cautious when using humor or sarcasm as it may be taken seriously or sound offensive; and e) limit or possibly avoid the use of emoticons. 

Course Topics. The program will be conducted for a period of one (1) month with corresponding 176 hours starting from 24 August to 14 September 2020. There will be five (5) topics of the program. One (1) topic will be uploaded per week except for the last week with two (2) topics). After that period, the tool or system will automatically shut off and topics will not be made available. In this way, a participant should be keen to go through the topics as they are uploaded in the system. For the Learning Providers (LPs) who opt to present their lectures live or via Zoom, a maximum of one (1) hour lecture is allowed.

Identification of Gaps and Recommendations. The program is designed to solicit gaps as experienced by the deputized representatives of the NAPOLCOM as well as provide solutions or recommendations to such identified gaps. From this, the Regional Office can lift issues for policy action/recommendations. The mechanics or guidance on this will be uploaded in the system.

Program Evaluation. To further improve the conduct of similar programs in the future, all the participants are enjoined to fill-out the evaluation form through the goggle form. The link will be sent to all participants on the last day of the program.

Certificates. The Regional Office 1 will send the certificates of completion to all the participants to the program.