The Law Enforcement Agent Program (LEAP) is designed to train officers in the government with intelligence data gathering and investigative functions.  This program will equip the participants of competencies in Intelligence and Investigation.

This program gives an insight on how an investigator and an intelligence officer can solve crimes, prevent future criminal activities, and identify and detain suspects. They may specialize in analyzing evidence, performing surveillance, or conducting searches and interviews, and collect, compile or analyze information which is of use to that organization.


The objective of this program is to qualify our Legal Officers, Law Enforcement Evaluation Officers and Police Investigators and fellow Law Enforcement Officers from other agencies to be certified as Law Enforcement Agents in the field of law enforcement, investigation, inspection and intelligence in relation to their functions.

The program will be tailored fit to equip more our personnel with knowledge and skills.  The new competency will further capacitate and empower them to efficiently and effectively perform their function thereby vastly strengthening NAPOLCOM’s image as the premier overseer of the Philippine National Police and to contribute to the effort of government on the effective delivery of basic services to the people.


The program will be through on-line discussions and lectures and every after module evaluation or examination will be undertaken.

This program is composed of four (4) modules and non-academics and will run for 90 days or three (3) months.


Two (2) questions will be formulated/prepared by the lecturer every after module to be answered by the participants.

An examination will be undertaken every week in multiple choice (20 items).