The delivery of information is changing rapidly in various government agencies; internet-based transactions, digital engagement era of content and increasingly evident use of ICT within agencies are heralding to the new landscape of communication, dissemination and learning.

The present government imposes a “new normal” trend which implies adopting online platforms to easily and immediately share information with citizens, especially when it comes to emergencies, traffic, weather, and other time-sensitive details. In adherence to this, National Police Commission Regional Office No. I has established a webpage to cater the society that demands and expects constant access to the latest information about the agency. It is a landing place where citizens can learn about the agency’s history, organizational values, codes of ethics, and information about the officers and other public servants.

An important function of the website  is its ability to equip citizens with online services and inform them on important information about the office that can save them time from coming into the office. Services such as program and course registrations  can easily be done online from the convenience of their home or on any mobile device. Informations and guidelines of different services such as Guidelines on the Application of PNP personnel and PNP Promotional; Guidelines on Application of Appeals on Administrative Cases; and Guidelines on the Inspection and Monitoring of the office  are also available.

The website also encourages accessibility, inclusivity, and collaboration between the agency and the community where citizens can view meetings in real-time or see the recorded version later. Citizens can also use the portal to retrieve documents that are approved for public access.

For NAPOLCOM, websites are not only necessary, but it’s also vital for us to have a purpose and that is to adequately serve the needs of the citizens. This technology is an important tool that national down to local agencies should take advantage of.