The National Police Commission Regional Office 1 organized an “e-HEARS (e-Help and E-Announcements Reporting System)” via Facebook Live last June 29, 2020 hosted at NAPOLCOM Regional Office 1, Government Center, Sevilla, City of San Fernando, La Union.

This regional initiated project is made in order to provide the public with important information that they need. It is a monthly program that caters to the needs of our client and promotes the Commission’s offered services. Moreover, it aims to strengthen the knowledge of the public about the services, programs and pertinent news about the Commission.

The e-hosts of said project are Ms. Jamila Brianna Leslie R. Ordoño, Administrative
Assistant  III and Ms. Richelle F. Ocampo, Administrative Aide III.

The e-Hears started its live streaming via Facebook at 2:30 in the afternoon. The first topic that the e-Host discussed is the ways on how to file a complaint against police officer/s.

Atty. Allan D. Ancheta, Chief of Technial Services and Provincial Officer of La Union was inivited to answer some of the frequently asked question regarding on how to file a complaint against police officer/s. The question that were asked are the following: “What are the grounds for anAdministrative Cases?”; “What is the Jurisdiction of NAPOLCOM?”; “What is the right process in filing a case/complaint?”; ”Is it okay to file a case with multiple Administrative Disciplinary Body?”; “Since it is an Administrative Case, is it mandatory that the respondent and complainant is accompanied by their own respective council aid or lawyer?”; “What is the difference between an Administrative Case and a Criminal Case?” and lastly, “Is it okay to file a complaint on a newly recruited Police Officer?”. After answering all said questions, the e-hosts encouraged the viewers to send or comment down their respective questions and querries in order to address them in the next schedule of e-HEARS.

For the final closing the e-host took it as a chance to promote the office’s official facebook account and invited the viewers to visit the offcial website also known as the Online Learning Hub of NAPOLCOM Region 1. The first launch of e-HEARS is considered  a successful one, with 656 views and counting.


Written by:
Jamila Brianna Leslie R. Ordoño

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