Values Restoration Program Webinar


The Human Resource Management Section crafted a program entitled “Unleash Your Potential: A Whole Year Guide in Transforming Yourself” which composed of four (4) major topics namely Mental Health Awareness, Work-Life Balance, Resilience and Personality Development, and under each major topic resides different sub-topics that will serve as an avenue for the employees to engage, equip and empower themselves even more. Collectively, there are 11 topics all in all which will be conducted every month for the whole year.

Mental Health was chosen as one of the major topic as it is as important as physical health. The region sees that good mental health translates to whole well-being.

The first topic under Mental Health is the Holistic Perspective of Mental Health. Ms. Peeve Kaye V. Balbuena, Registered Psychometrician and the current Psychometrician of Lorma Medical Center was invited as the Resource Speaker of the said topic. She provided sufficient background information about Mental Health and the Mental Health Law in the Philippines.

Ms. Balbuena systematically presented the topic with logical flow of ideas about the importance of talking mental health in the workplace, common mental health disorders in the workplace, ways organizations can create a mentally healthier workplace and mental health first aid and action principles of psychological first aid.

Activities were prepared by the speaker in relation to checking the status of one’s mental health as presented by the elephant drawing. Everyone was asked to be honest in answering the questions given by the speaker to assess one self. Colored papers with personal thoughts and messages written on it was collected and posted in a whiteboard.

With the abrupt emergence brought by COVID-19, the program has been temporarily suspended for few months. However, to continue with the “new normal”, the office continued with the seminar through the use of Zoom application.

As a continuation, a live webinar for the second topic under Mental Health Awareness cultivating a theme “Reinforcing Good Mental Health: Coping Mechanisms during Crisis” was conducted last May 26, 2020.

The program was attended by 70 participants from NAPOLCOM Regional Office I employees along with police personnel from La Union Police Provincial Office. The webinar was also live through Facebook, with a total of 938 views, 19 shares and 55 reactions.

The webinar was graced by Commissioner Zenonida F. Brosas. Comr. Brosas said that it is a frightening time of uncertainties due to COVID-19 pandemic. It is hard to handle as fear and panic is around. People respond differently, but the challenge is all the same, to remain healthy to better cope with circumstances. Comr. Brosas pointed that we do not only remain healthy by social distancing and proper hygiene, but we must keep our minds and body healthy as psychological and emotional being, affect our physical and mental health. She shared that there is nothing of effective weapon than living with the thought that God will never leave or forsake us. Staying safe and keeping the faith, is the assurance and best weapon that will keep us strong in the midst of crisis. Lastly, Comr. Brosas said that the seminar is laudable and timely, and hope that participants take the opportunity to keep themselves mentally and emotionally healthy in this time of COVID-19 pandemic.

Ms. Myra G. Gahid, a Registered Psychometrician and Registered Psychologist, was invited as the Resource Speaker discussing vital information on reinforcing good mental health through the practice of different coping mechanisms during time of crisis. Ms. Gahid said that the webinar is timely as the month of May is mental health awareness month.  She also applauded all front liners in this time of COVID-19 especially the PNP.

Ms. Gahid started setting the momentum by giving an activity determining the level of stress by the participants. Thereafter, she jumped on explaining the in depth meaning of mental health, and the mental health law. In relation to, Ms. Gahid linked it with the ‘new normal’ as being experienced by the whole nation and the roles of each individual in the ‘new normal’ setting. A profounder explanation about stress, its different types and stages of stress was offered, too.

The participants enjoyed the activity explicating the Kettle Framework presentation of stress wherein they drew a kettle and clearly informed of the various meanings and parts of it in connection to stress itself. With that, the different coping mechanisms, which everyone can use during time of crisis was presented. Ms. Gahid gave a brief overview of what depression is, the signs and symptoms, the do’s and don’ts when interacting with someone with depression and the necessary actions to take to address the particular mental health disorder. Ms. Gahid elicited the support of the participants in various mental health programs of the government and their agencies, and asked them to be mental health advocates.

The other three main areas, Work-Life Balance, Resilience, and Personality Development will be conducted in the succeeding months through Zoom application and Facebook live. The goal of the continuous learning development is to develop a non-hostile and harmonious working environment and to sustain a strong and synergic working relationship in Region 1.


Written by:
Richelle Mae F. Ocampo

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